Rose City Opener 2017

Rose City Opener Prize list 2016

We have added:
OHJA Low Junior medal class and an OHJA Low Senior medal class.

OHJA Low Junior/Senior Medal:  Fence height 3’3”. Riders competing in Junior Hunter 3’3” and Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3” divisions are eligible to compete in the Low Junior/Senior Medal or the Junior/Senior Medal classes at the same show. Riders who win a qualifying class may continue to compete until the Low Junior/Senior Medal Finals.  However, no rider who has already qualified for the Low Junior/Senior Medal Finals may compete in the qualifying class at the show hosting the OHJA Medal Finals.  Medal winners in Low Junior/Senior Medal classes may compete in the Junior/Senior Medal classes; however, if they qualify for the Junior/Senior Medal Finals, they forfeit their right to compete in the Low Junior/Senior Medal Finals. 

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